Staghorn's revenue statements are now available with MineralAnswers.com.  The link to the portal is here: https://www.mineralanswers.com/owner-portal/staghorn-petroleum-ii-llc.

A division order is a document confirming ownership information in a particular property/unit and authorizing distribution of funds according to that information. It does NOT represent a sale of your property or any changes to your lease.

When you sign and return the division order, you confirm that you agree with the information disclosed in the document. If you have any questions regarding the content of your Division Order, please contact Staghorn Petroleum II, LLC, Division Order Department

To change your address, just complete the Change of Address (COA) form. Be sure to fill the form out completely and mail to Staghorn at the address below.

You’ll need to provide Division Orders with a copy of the conveyance document that establishes joint tenancy/ownership has been recorded in the county and state where the minerals reside. Send all info to land@staghornpetro.com or call 918.584.2558 with additional questions.

Yes! To get started, download the EFT Form.

  • Fill it out completely and have all persons listed on the account sign and date the form
  • Include a voided check copy for the account you wish to have funds deposited in.
  • Scan completed form to land@staghornpetro.com or mail it to:
Staghorn Petroleum II, LLC
One West Third Street, Suite 1000
Tulsa, OK 74103

Note: If you sign up for direct deposit, you will need to get your check detail from www.energylink.com

Staghorn offers a direct deposit payment option for its interest owners. It is safe, secure and offers many advantages, including:

  • No cost to you.
  • No postal dealys of your check.
  • No unnecessary trips to the bank.
  • No lost, damaged, or stolen checks.
  • If traveling, your revenues are still depostied in your bank account.

To change your direct deposit information, you’ll just need to electronically submit or download and print Staghorn Petroleum II LLC EFT Form located in the forms section. Make necessary changes, sign and date the form. Be sure to also include a voided check copy for the account you wish to have it deposited in.

You can scan the updated form to land@staghornpetro.com or mail it to:

Staghorn Petroleum II, LLC
One West Third Street, Suite 1000
Tulsa, OK 74103

An owner must accumulate a minimum balance in their account of $100 for a check to be issued. Your check minimum can be lowered to $25 upon request. Note that we have a Minimum Release each year in October to all accounts with a balance of at least $10.

Royalty payments may be suspended until certain conditions are satisfied. Generally, royalty payments may be suspended for reasons such as a missing Tax ID, incorrect address, assignment of interest, notice of death, lack of documentation/title confirming ownership, or disputes involving proper apportionment or ownership of interests in the minerals produced.

Amounts due are accumulated and released when a resolution has been reached and all related documents have been received and processed. All payments are retroactive to the date of suspension.

To make a change in ownership, you will need to provide a deed, title, a court order, or a death certificate (and perhaps others, depending on the state requirements). To complete the process, you may need to file more than one type of document, and all documents must be recorded in the county where the minerals are located

Be sure to consult with an attorney, real estate professional or title company if you have any questions on how to prepare or file a document

Each state handles these requirements differently, and you may want to contact an attorney to advise you how to proceed.

You will need to provide a copy of the applicable portion of the Trust document that identifies the successor Trustee, the duties and the powers of the Trustee, and the circumstances leading to the replacement of the Trustee. Complete and submit a Change of Address form if needed.

Interest is transferred to the remaindermen. The death certificate and a copy of the deed noting the life estate should be submitted. The remaindermen addresses and tax identification number(s) are required as well

Your 1099 Miscellaneous Tax forms will be mailed no later than January 31st. If the January 31st falls on Saturday or Sunday, the IRS allows for mailing the following Monday

The 1099 shows the gross amount prior to taxes and other deductions as required by the IRS. If you have questions as to how this information should be presented on your tax return, please contact a tax professional.

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